The WavePan

Reduced to the essentials. Made entirely of metal. Fully dynamic to the touch. With playable body notes.

This is the WavePan - handmade in Germany.

With very sensitive playing surfaces that perceive even the finest touch, playing on the WavePan is modeled on an acoustic handpan. Metal plays an important role as a material for the clubface and body in order to create an authentic feel. The body is fully equipped with sensors to get as close as possible to a handpan.

One instrument - all scales
With the WavePan you can play all scales on one instrument, in all basic keys - simply at the push of a button. Together with PanDrum, the WavePan sound module, you can choose from 8 different handpans and tongue drums and, in addition to predefined scales, create your own - that is the special advantage of the WavePan! 

Technology meets handwork
The metal parts are manufactured very precisely with laser in Germany and all parts are powder-coated. Each WavePan is assembled by hand, making it a unique piece.

Handpan meets computer
Six handpans and two tongue drums were sampled in several elaborate studio sessions. They were all recorded in several dynamic layers and 8 round robin variations - so no attack sounds like the one before. The result is PanDrum (not included), the sound module for the WavePan. The WavePan is simply connected with a USB cable (included) to a computer on which PanDrum is installed. And you're ready to go.

Electronics meet scale
The switches integrated on the left and right of the WavePan can be used to switch between individual midi channels during the game. In combination with PanDrum and the corresponding settings, it is possible to change the sound and / or scale. The sustain pedal (not included) allows you to use the WavePan with other DAWs and to vary the length of the tone with other instruments than PanDrum.

What you need
- the WavePan
- Cable to connect the digital handpan to a computer (included)
- a normal computer (Mac or PC) - requirements see here »
- The sound module “Pandrum” (Halion Edition) from Cinematique Instruments »
- headphones or speakers 

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