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01  What do I need PanDrum for »
PanDrum is a sound module specially designed for the WavePan and WavePan players. Here you can choose between 8 different instruments and use and create predefined or your own scales 

02  Where can I buy PanDrum? »
03  How do I install PanDrum »
04  Why the Halion Player »
The Halion player is free. It can be used both as a standalone and as a VST plug-in in most DAWs.

05  Where can I find the Halion player »
06  Which system requirements does PanDrum or Halion need »
07  Where can I find the Steinberg Download Assistant »
Here you can download the Steinberg Download Assistant »
This will also install the eLicenser and the Library Manager

08  Where can I find the eLicenser and what is it »
You can find the eLicenser here, but it is usually installed with the download assistant »
This registers the PanDrum license on your computer. You will receive the license by email after purchasing PanDrum from Steinberg.